zuMedia’s Investor Relations Serves Analysts And Investors, And Coordinates zuMedia’s IR Meetings And Activities.


zuMedia intends to become a publicly traded company and therefore will govern itself accordingly and will subsequently make available for perusal documents outlining all revenues, profit and loses, information on markets we serve and consumer response, new projects, products, and services, corporate structure and governance, etc. The role of zuMedia’s Investor Relations is to ensure that the markets have correct and sufficient information in order to determine the value of the eventual zuMedia share by providing history and up-to-date information about the company’s operations, strategy and financial position to the capital markets. Information shared must and will be communicated equally and simultaneously to all market parties. In its investor communications, zuMedia shall always comply with the laws and recommendations that regulate and govern.


zuMedia Is On Its Way To Reaching A Strong Competitive Position In The Growing And Ever Developing Mobile Games Market
  • Mobile games market is estimated to grow at CAGR of 10.8% between 2018 and 2022. As of the start of 2020 the global gaming market was estimated to stand at $152 billion. 45% of that ($68.5 billion) coming directly from mobile games.
  • The amount of money spent on mobile games is constantly growing in zuMedia’s key markets North America and Europe.
  • zuMedia is building a diverse game portfolio and large player base.
zuMedia Demonstrates The Ability To Develop, Grow And Commercially Launch New Games
  • zuMedia’s game portfolio is becoming larger by the day, and it is continuously being developed. Between 2021 and 2022 the company is on track to launch fifteen new games and is planning to launch another twenty-five new games in the year 2022.
  • zuMedia will also expedite its access to the attractive strategy game segment through its aggressive acquisition approach.
Positive Cash Flow And Strong Financial Base For Growth
  • Regardless of significant investments into user acquisition and product development, zuMedia has the ability to generate steady positive cash flow.
  • The strong cash reserves enable zuMedia to be nimble in M&A and invest in user acquisition and product development.
zuMedia Games Revenue Streams Are Strategically Placed To Ensure Revenue Growth Over The Long Haul
  • zuMedia strategically implements the in-app purchasing business model in a manner which maintains strong user engagement ensuring sustainability.
  • Games are run as a service that are sustained through data-driven live operations.
  • Cross promotion between zuMedia’s games drives additional revenues.
Assteroids Brand, A Unique Asset With Global Reach
  • In 2021 Assteroids will be released globally.
  • Assteroids has a unique, highly visible, highly brandable name, characters, and an advertising angle that will deliver worldwide brand awareness.
  • The Assteroids brand has the ability to demonstrate longevity and versatility in its highly competitive class.
  • The brand has the ability to generate global appeal leading it into merchandising and media opportunities throughout the ages.
Talented And Motivated Personnel
  • zuMedia personnel turnover is low and employee satisfaction is high.
  • zuMedia is a believer in fostering talent and letting our employees do what they do as opposed to assigning specific guidance and/or micromanaging in ways that could and would drive anyone batshit crazy… This benefits the company and our brands because we get the best of the best and they stick around and shine like no others!
Market Saturation
  • zuMedia has apps and digital products and services positioned well in the market in order to become a dominant player among its challengers.
  • zuMedia has created diversity within its portfolio and offerings in order to gain a piece of all digital markets.
  • Using proprietary Flex Technology zuMedia can quickly pivot and bring its new annual slate of projects to market year after year and can therefore do updates, upgrades, and upselling faster than almost anyone allowing for the ultimate in appropriate market saturation when and as needed!
  • zuMedia’s multifaceted approach to the digital reach and approach of consumers allows for wider markets with unbound possibilities and revenue generation.
zuMedia's Global Appeal

zuMedia develops products which offer unique appeal due to their distinctive names, intent, and approach… zuMedia’s products, services, and offerings are formulated with purpose and are designed to serve people in a more complete and direct manner than its competitors do… We’ve spent eons casually observing, closely studying, and tirelessly tracking current trends, user and consumer need and demand, and where it all goes wrong for our rivals in order to deliver world class user content and experiences in our mobile games and apps, news content, social platforms, and other services and offerings.

zuMedia Gives Back

zuMedia works as a mule for some amazing products and services which are offered to those in need in the effort to bring balance to inequality to anyone enduring insufferable disparity. A good portion of the zuMedia revenue generation goes back in to communities and people who need resources the most.


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