ABOUT zuMedia

Infotainment And Services So Awesome It's Out Of This World!

zuMedia is by no means a traditional company nor does it ever intend to become one. We don’t want to do what the other kids are doing. zuMedia exists to crush barriers, push boundaries, and break all the ‘rules’. We also exist to serve our users, subscribers, and clients as best we can in every possible way. Business is mutual and for zuMedia to consider itself a success it must give as equally as it gets. We stand by that!

There will undoubtedly be moments in time where we do what seems to be the unthinkable. There will be times when we do things and take technology where it seems like we shouldn’t but we promise we have the best intentions at heart and will always make sure our patrons, customers, fans, supporters, and users win!

zuMedia is designed to be an irreverent bold response to its competitors who have fallen into complacency and/or lost their way. It’s the answer to those who manipulate the masses in order to feather their own nests and then leave loyal users out in the cold.

Technology moves at breakneck pace and should be lean, clean, and at the top of its game in order to stay relevant. zuMedia isn’t afraid to mix revolutionary ideas with the smartest and boldest technology to deliver the unimaginable even if it seems batshit crazy at marketplace introduction.

zuMedia is a collection of companies which together make up a consortium. Why did we set it up this way? Well… There are a couple of key reasons. First; it’s a way to keep the company lean. It’s pooling corporate resources in order to maintain solvency, ensure corporate growth, and most importantly keep the incoming cash for what’s most important—to pay our cherished employees and maintain their healthcare and benefits. This is hardly the climate where people can live, survive, and thrive in an unsure mind-frame in tumultuously uncertain times and we want to make sure our hard working employees have peace of mind in healthcare and job security.
Another key reason we built a consortium is for the purpose of branding and acquisitions. In order to survive the carnival of competitive corporate clusterfucks currently flooding the market you’ve got to be big, brazen, bold, and unforgettable. Creating and building up a single brand that has the potential to become a well-known household name was the strategic path we chose in order to accomplish that effort.

The portfolio of products and services which make up The zuMedia Corporation includes a wide range of infotainment from a new take on how we receive news and social networks, to mobile apps and games, and utilitarian services all built by and with artificially intelligent processes designed to advance technology as we know it. Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things together that normally run and function independently of one another.

The most important goal zuMedia has in its sights is to foster humanity’s most essential innovations, and share them with the world! We don’t intend to share only by making our products and services widely available for mass use but to open up our vault and share in the wealth through affordable profit sharing and other related wealth opportunities for all.

In creating The zuMedia Corporation, the “zu” brand, and setting it up as a corporate conglomeration we created a path for the respective companies to have their own independence and develop their own brands while working together under one united umbrella. This allows for global recognition, a lean streamlined workflow and production, and the ability to maximize bottom line leaving more wealth for employees, shareholders, and their respective families.
We’re driven by . . .

  • The idea of accomplishing what has been previously deemed the impossible.
  • Identifying what the future holds and delivering those innovations today.
  • Balancing inequality with opportunities for all and not just some.
  • Empowering extraordinary entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Investing not only in opportunities but in people.
  • Improving the transparency and oversight in the areas in which we create.
  • Enhancing consumer technologies through greater vision.
  • Enriching the lives of as many people as we cross paths with.

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